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Austin American Technology

is a market leader prepared with a wide portfolio of cleaning systems to suit a variety of common and specialty needs. From high reliability to general-purpose cleaning processes, AAT systems address performance and cost of ownership from novel approaches; backing each system with a dedication to quality.

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Malcom is the market leader for lead free Soldering Control Devices. Malcom Spiral Pump Viscometer is design to measure both the Static viscosity and Dynamic viscosity which is more important in SMT solder paste printing.

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Samsung Techwin

has developed advanced technology for electronic & mechanical design, process, and production with high speed and accuracy, leveraging the technical expertise of developing and producing jet engines, industrial robots, semiconductor equipment, and opto-electronic machines.

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Semiconductor Equipment Corp.

Semiconductor Equipment Corporation strives to be a leading designer and manufacturer of a wide range of manual and semiautomatic assembly, rework, handling, and test equipment used in the development and production of microelectronic devices for the photonics, semiconductor, hybrid and printed circuit industries.

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We are working very closely with Kasuga Denki, Inc.,(Japan) one of the world's biggest static control and corona surface treatment supplier for the plastic film industry. With 60 years of static control and corona surface treatment experience., we are in a very strong position to provide consultative services and providing equipment for the static control and corona surface treatment to various industries around the world.

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KILEWS INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was established in July 1984. The company began with USD 1,000,000 investment and six staff. We created the KILEWS as our trademark and with the most professional techniques we have been making automatic electric screwdrivers to the world.

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