PACE ADS200 with MT-200 MiniTweez, Chip Tip & Instant SetBack Tool Stand,P/N 8007-0589/8007-0590
Product Description:
ADS200 with MT-200 MiniTweez, Chip Tip & Instant SetBack Tool Stand

PACE’s new ADS200 with MT-200 Bundle allows you to rework micro-components such as 0201s, 0402s and 0603s in a simple, one-handed operation. The Bundle includes our new MT-200 MiniTweez®, a precision thermal tweezer that can also handle larger SOTs, D-PAKs, SOICs and TSOPs. In the case of 0201s, perfectly aligned tips are critical for success, thus the MT-200 has been specifically engineered for multi-axis tip alignment and rotational (theta) alignment that provides ultimate control and targeting accuracy. A Tip-Gap Adjustment Wheel adjusts the gap between the tips to reduce the distance from tip-end to tip-end, reducing grip stress and lessening operator fatigue during repetitive operations. Designed exclusively for PACE’s AccuDrive® power sources, the MT-200 uses patented, higher powered Blue-Series Tip-Heater Cartridges, providing up to 120 Watts of power per tip pair. A wide variety of tip geometries are available, and tips can be changed within seconds, heat up quickly, yet cost almost half of other competitive tweezer cartridges. The included Instant SetBack (ISB) Tool Stand automatically reduces tip temperature when the MT-200 is placed in the stand, greatly increasing tip life. Also comes with 1mm Chip Tips PN 1130-1003-P1.

System includes ADS200 Power Supply, MT-200 MiniTweez Thermal Tweezer, Instant SetBack (ISB) Tool Stand and 1mm Chip Tip PN 1130-1003-P1.

  • Features
    Provides safe, rapid removal of surface mount components in a simple, one-handed operation
    Gear-action movement and multi-axis tip alignment provide ultimate control and targeting accuracy
    Tip-Gap Adjustment Wheel increases productivity and reduces operator fatigue during repetitive operations
    Rotational (Theta) Alignment achieves perfectly aligned tips
    Instant SetBack (ISB) Tool Stand automatically reduces tip temperature, virtually eliminates tip oxidation and extends tip life
    Patented, High Powered Tip-Heater Cartridges can be changed within seconds and heat up quickly
    A wide selection of low-cost, high-power Tip-Heater Cartridge Geometries are available