DS360-A Micro Desoldering Iron
Product Description:

DS is a microdesoldering iron for thin desoldering jobs of SMD or conventional components. It is capable to provide up to 40 W, if it is required.

The exclusive JBC heating system and the suction power from MSE or MVE pumps ensure the optimum quality of work performed.

DS is light, easy to clean and maintain. Both deposable carton tube as the filters set can be comfortably replaced.

It uses C360 cartridges with internal diameters of 0.6 mm to 1.5 mm. There are a few tips specially designed to clean the traces of tin from PADS.

The desoldering iron has the C360004 tip already inserted.
Also supplied with C360002 and an accessories set.

Video: https://www.jbctools.com/videos/DS360-A_001.mp4