HA Soldering Unit
Product Description:

The NEW Soldering Unit HA makes available to the Electronic Industry the first selective soldering solution featuring Automatic Cartridge Exchange.

JBC offers 2 different versions, the HA245 for General Soldering and the HA470 for intensive Heavy Duty Soldering.

The New Automatic Tools TRA, in combination with the Cartridge Stands CS2R, feature automatic cartridge exchange which allows the soldering robot using different tip geometries to get the Highest Soldering Quality and automatically changing the cartridge when the one being used wears out.

The Solder Feeder SFR, assembled on the RBA Soldering Head, includes solder wire perforation function, allowing flux flow and outgassing to minimize solder splashing.

The Tip Cleaner CLMR with its 50 mm (1.97″) diameter brushes thoroughly clean the soldering tip in just 1 second increasing its heat transfer capacity.

To establish the communication between the UCR Control Box and a Robot (PC or PLC) JBC provides the RS232 Communication Protocol for UCR. Download at www.jbctools.com/jbcsoftware.html.

Cartridges and Guide Tube Sets GSFR are not included.

Video: https://www.jbctools.com/videos/HA_001.mp4