Product Description:

Revalpha thermal release materials are a unique and benefits-packed approach to your holding, transfer, carrier masking and protection applications.  It adheres like any normal adhesive material… but, when heat is applied, its adhesion disappears!   The substrate can easily be peeled off.

There are two types of Revalpha:  Single-sided, which has a single layer of heat-peelable adhesive, and double sided, with one side having a heat-peelable adhesive and the other a base surface adhesive.  Both types make use of polyester film as a base.

Revalpha can be supplied in any combination of base film thickness, adhesive strength and release temperature.

  •       *  Revalpha is ideally suited for use in the widest range of electronic industry applications and promises to trim both labor and time costs.  Use it for the temporary holding of parts in polishing, mounting or dicing processes… with no clean-up required.
  •       *  May be used to hold PCB’s during cutting or to prevent movement of parts, can transfer once-bonded parts to a variety of substrates.
  •       *  Revalpha can be used in LED etching, with piezoelectric devices in an electrode print process, or for the transfer of chips.  It can be used as a FPC or chip carrier, making it ideal for continuous and/or automated operations.
  •       *  Also may be used for masking tape applications, as it provides effective plating and etching, with no deviations.  Revalpha reliably protects the product during press punching – the sheet can be easily peeled off when heated, with no stress or damage.  It is also recommended for lead frame punching and shadow mask in the etching process.
  •      *   It can be peeled off easily without force, and without any damage to the product.  No adhesive residue remains on the product after peeling, no costly clean-up is needed and no contamination is caused by impurities from solvents.