JTSE-Q Hot Air Station without Extractor Desk
Product Description:

This is a high powered hot air station for repairing all types of SMDs quickly and safely, including the biggest QFPs and PLCCs.

Profiles Mode
It features along with the manual mode a powerful functionality of profiles to perform rework tasks with the maximum precision.You can control temperature values and air flow rate by creating up to 25 profiles.

Control Thermocouple
Closed-loop control with external thermocouple provides precise temperature control of the component/PCB, regardless of the distance to the heater. It helps to protect the components or a specific area on the PCB.

Auto-stop Function
A safety measure which ensures the heat is automatically cut off when the tool is in the JT-SE stand.

Available languages
English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Korean.

Video: https://www.jbctools.com/videos/JTSE_Q_WEB_001.mp4