Product Description:


The Model 865 Flip Chip die bonder is ideal for R & D and low volume production. Applications include solder and gold bumped flip chip, AuSn eutectic, thermosonic, thermocompression and epoxy die bonding. Some of the process capabilities that support these applications are ultrasonic scrub, linear mechanical scrub, compression bonding, flux dipping and hot gas spot heating.  The system is designed for maximum versatility and ease of operation.




Head Designs

  • Precision servo-driven Zmotion with bond load ranges of 10 grams to 10 kilograms controlled by closed loop system. Head die tools include flat face or collet design for specific applications. Head options include:
    • Single Tool Head with bond loads to 10 KG and heating to 300 degrees C. Linear Scrub is an option.
    • Dual Tool Head with pivoting die tool and preform tool with bond loads to 2 KG and heating to 250 degrees C. Allows preform and die placement in one cycle without tool switch-over. Pin transfer tool can also be used for adhesive. Linear Scrub is an option.
    • Ultrasonic Head with loads to 3 KG.
    • Pulsed Thermal Bond Head with loads to 10 KG and ramping of 100 degrees C per second to maximum of 450 degrees C.