Product Description:


For nearly 30 years Semiconductor Equipment Corporation has set the standard for high quality semiconductor Dicing Tape. We inventory a variety of tapes which are manufactured specifically for semiconductor wafer dicing and for ceramic hybrid substrate sawing. These tapes are also useful for surface protection and many other applications that require an adhesive tape with relatively low adhesion, no adhesive transfer, and the ability to stretch without tearing.

Tape for Semiconductor wafer dicing and hybrid substrate sawing.


There is a Semiconductor Equipment Tape that is Perfect for Your Application.
Semiconductor Equipment Corporation’s Wafer Dicing Tape is a flexible PVC with synthetic acrylic adhesive bonded to one side. It is tough, has high tear strength and elongation. It is used extensively for Wafer Sawing, Scribing, Expanding. These tapes are available in rolls suitable for all automatic and manual wafer mounting systems where the wafers are being mounted onto tape and film frames.

Tapes are selected for your application based on die size and blade thickness. Small die and hard to cut materials require higher tackiness, while larger die call for lower tackiness. Thicker blades require thicker dicing tape.