T210-A Precision Purpose Handle
Product Description:

The T210-A Precision Purpose Handle works exclusively with DI, DDE , DME, CD-SQ and CD-BQ.

It requires the Stand AD-SE when you work with control unit DI , DDE or DME.

The T210-A work with cartridges range C210.

The T210 is perfect for accuracy soldering jobs with medium power requirements.

For its size, it is able to work with conventional or small SMD, even under a microscope.

Its ergonomy and the short distance tip-to-grip ensure greater accuracy and comfort.

The cartridges can be easily replaced using the quick cartridge extractor of JBC´s stands.

Easy grip replacement (Ref. 0018658).

Video: https://youtu.be/4xZpS_kj5Cg